Download Area Actions MOD Satisfactory (SMM) & how to install

Area Actions MOD Satiosfactory allows you to acquire new functions and options when building, including, as its name suggests, area actions. By downloading Area Actions you will be able to save a lot of time when building large factories, since you will not have to build each element one by one.

Area Actions

MOD Name Area Actions MOD
Game Satisfactory
Description New functions and options in reference to construction.
Tier A
Tipe New Functionalities
Size 3.13 MB
Download Download MOD


The utilities of being able to make selections in area within the game are very diverse, and very useful for the most part. Some examples of what you could do with this MOD:

  • Dismantle all the constructions within an area.
  • Change the recipe that the constructions within an area are building.
  • Copy and paste all the buildings within an area (this is spectacular!).
  • Clean the inventories of a selected area.

And these are just some of the things you can do with this fantastic MOD, designed for those players who want to focus entirely on the construction of the factory, and do not get any fun from repetitive processes such as placing 10 times in a row the same construction. In my opinion, that kind of “processes” within the games detract fun and congest them, so this kind of MODs seem very useful to me.

It should be noted that to use this mod you will have to craft the Area Actions equipment inside the game’s Workshop. Also, within the MOD menu you can activate an option that allows you to fly. Basically, it would be like playing Satisfactory in creative mode (although the materials are spent when making constructions).

How to download and install Area Actions MOD for Satisfactory

  1. Install Satisfactory MOD Manager (SMM) to be able to install the mod.
  2. Download and install Area Actions from this link.
  3. Open the game using the SMM Launcher, marking the MOD in the list.