Best Rimworld MODS for PC – Download & Install

Rimworld is a construction and resource management video game developed by Ludeon Studios. This game has a quite interesting gameplay, since we will have to manage a colony that is located on a new planet at the edge of the galaxy. This planet will have colonists, which will act in one way or another depending on how we manage our game. We will have to have the colonists dressed in ideal conditions for the approaching weather, we will have to have them well fed, and well cared for in general, as this influences their decision making. We will also have to manage the construction of buildings, units, etc, and guide the colonists in battles.


This is a game with a lot of potential for the use of MODS, as these modifications will allow us to change the gameplay to a great extent. Making use of the best MODs of Rimworld, we will be able to have numerous customized elements.

We will find new weapons, customization for the colonists, new game modes such as zombie mode, and new modes of social interaction between colonists (which is really interesting to try). We will also find improvements in terms of weapons, defenses, changes in the pricing system, new factions, new methods of transportation, and ultimately, a world full of endless possibilities. Below you will find a table withMODs of Rimworld that are worth trying.

Best Rimworld MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded MODs of Rimworld:.

MOD Name Description Type Size Download

EdB Prepare Carefully

EdB Prepare Carefully

Allows you to customize settlers in the game Customization 136 KB Download
Miscellaneous Small independent items for the game such as tools, objects, furniture and incidents Items 172 KB Download
Psychology Adds new psychological and social system, new interactions, social relationships, diseases, and new stories New interaction system 672 KB Download
Project Armory Manufacture of all types of weapons and add-on packs Weapons 1.6 MB Download
More Trade Ships Adds a larger number of trade ships, these will appear more frequently in the game Trade Ships 16 KB Download
RimWorld Zombie Apocalypse Zombie horde/apocalypse that can infect your colonists Zombie Mode 343 KB Download
T’s Mods New cosmetic features, new recipes, new skins and colors for the furniture New features 16.9 MB Download
Hardcore SK Rimworld A16 A16 project 5.1 New difficult game mode with numerous researches, weapons, etc Game mode 97.8 MB Download
EdB Interface Adjusts the user interface of the game Interface 199 KB Download
Medieval Times Expansion of the game with new armor, items, weapons, etc Expansion 13.6 MB Download
Extended Turrets Mod Adds 4 new security turrets with research projects and new textures Turrets 1.2 MB Download
Orassans Add a new faction to the game: space cats Faction 5.9 MB Download
Better Power Adds new methods to produce energy in the game Energy 154 KB Download
Pawn State Icons (Rimworld PSI) Add health tracking icons Health 791 KB Download
Clutter Add furniture, some clutter objects and decorations for the game Decoration 5.2 MB Download
Realistic Rooms Adjusting room sizes to make them more realistic Sizes 903 KB Download
Cheaper Components Reduce the quantities needed to purchase the components for the game Prices 141 KB Download
Sparkling Worlds – Glittertech on the Rim Enables the creation of a greater number of items, including those that can only be traded Creation 7.5 MB Download
Heavy Defences Add numerous defenses such as turrets, artillery, and more Defense 352 KB Download
Rimfire (1.2-A8e) Adds many manufacturable weapons Weapons 1.3 MB Download
SuperiorCraftingA11b Redesigned upper tree, improved crafting chain, numerous craftable items Crafting 7.5 MB Download
CentralHeatingMod Adds vents and a heater system Heating 24 KB Download
Vegetable Garden Adds new plants and recipes to the game Vegetation 47,5 MB Download
Tech Tree Minami v3.3 RIMWORLD COMPLETE Adds a tech tree, adds the ability to create individual parts for buildings and much more Technology creation 14.9 MB Download
No Mood Loss on Prisoner Sold or Died Add new moods for prisoners, sales and deaths Emotions 27 KB Download