Download The Weeg MOD FNF (Macy) – Friday Night Funkin’

The Weeg MOD is a modification of Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) that includes a new week within the game, as well as a few improvements that complement all the game content in general. Downloading and installing this MOD is very simple, and will allow you to enjoy unreleased (though unofficial) content from Friday Night Funkin’.


The new Weeg FNF MOD week includes a new character, Macy, along with three new songs to take her on. This, although the MOD’s star dish, is not the only thing it includes, as it allows us to access the “encore” mode, by pressing the e or q key when selecting the difficulty level of a song in the game. This mode is intended to be more difficult and pose a challenge for those players who have no problems in overcoming the Hard mode.

In addition, with Weeg MOD you will be able to play as Pico instead of Boyfriend, within the Freeplay mode of the game. It also has an option to comfortably listen to the game’s music, and it’s worth noting that the developer has already announced that it plans to review every week of the game as it updates the MOD.

Download The Weeg FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin

We have created a mirror to make downloading easier in case the original source fails.

Link – Download.

How to install The Weeg MOD on Friday Night Funkin’

The MOD already has all the necessary files to run without needing to be installed. Simply unzip the file and open the executable containing the folder you unzipped.