FNF VS Static Memories [FULL WEEK] – Download MOD

FNF VS Static Memories is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us one of the best releases we have had in recent weeks, and this MOD has everything, a lot of musical content, several weeks, animated cutscenes that will tell us the story and the plot of the MOD, different rivals that we will have to face, a variety of surprises that await us in this unprecedented musical duel.

VS Static Memories

Regarding the music section of the MOD, we already have available 3 playable weeks in Friday Night Funkin’: Prologue, Phase 1 and Phase 2. In this global of weeks we will have a total of 8 unreleased songs to date, which we will have the possibility to choose the difficulty we want to face before starting the challenge. Of course having a large number of songs we have different musical styles…

As for the visual and graphical aspect of VS Static Memories, it should be noted that we are facing a MOD that stands out for this type of content. Starting with the characters, we will have a large number of rivals to face, of course, these duels will take place in different Backgrounds. In addition, we will have very well elaborated animated Cutscenes that will make the gameplay experience more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Download FNF VS Static Memories MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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