FNF VS Shaggy 3.0 [FULL WEEK] – Download MOD

FNF VS Shaggy 3.0 is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a great acquaintance for the FNF community, and Shaggy is arguably one of the most popular characters of this lore without a doubt, and this time he appears again in version 3.0 of his MOD. We will have to give the best of ourselves if we want to be victorious in a new musical duel against Shaggy.

VS Shaggy 3.0

Regarding the musical section of the MOD, we are presented with a new playable week in Friday Night Funkin’, it includes three unreleased songs to date: Mild Mania, Cutscene and Purple Power. The songs, as always when we face Shaggy, have a high level of difficulty and we will have to gather all our strength to defeat this complicated enemy.

As for the graphic and visual aspect of VS Shaggy 3.0, we will have a new Skin for our rival Shaggy in which the purple colors stand out, hence the name of the final song Purple Power. We will also have different backgrounds for each of the songs, highlighting the first song as the one I liked the most for the inclusion of spectacular purple crystals.

Download FNF VS Shaggy 3.0 MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Drive – Download

Mega – Download