FNF VS Piggy [FULL WEEK] – Download MOD

FNF VS Piggy is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a new rival that we will have to face, it is an evil pig which carries a bloody baseball bat. In addition, our playable character: BF, will have a small modification in this MOD and is that it will embody a police officer trying to stop this curious rival that we will face.

VS Piggy

As for the music section of the MOD, FNF VS Piggy presents a new playable week in Friday Night Funkin’ known as Chapter 1, in it we will have included a total of two unreleased songs to date: Awakening and Unwelcomed. By the name of this new week, we can already sense that in the future we will have updates that will bring us an additional week to this MOD.

Regarding the visual and graphical aspect of the MOD, one of the points that stand out the most are the Skins of the characters, while that of our rival is a fairly simple Skin the detail of including a baseball bat, as well as the animations that performs with this element to the rhythm of the charts is quite good. On the other hand, the police BF skin with an official uniform is quite well done.

Download FNF VS Piggy MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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