VS Oswald (The Lucky Rabbit Week) FNF MOD – Download

VS Oswald MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ is a MOD that brings us one of the most curious characters we have seen lately in FNF, and we will have to face Oswald, Mickey Mouse’s secret brother, and we will meet in this MOD for the first time. This is a MOD that is still with content pending release, as for now we will only have one song available, however we can already see a preview of the following songs.

VS Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

For now we can only have one playable song, Rabbit’s Lucky Song, but when we get to the end of this song, we have a kind of playable trailer of two more songs Old Time, and I am not that Old. Both the original song and the two playable trailers that we have are very good songs and we will enjoy both playing and listening to them. As for the difficulty we must say that it has a medium level, they are more complicated than the original FNF game but easier than many other MODs.

Visually it is a MOD that has a good finish, and is that our opponent has a skin and animations that are very well designed and whose finish is the best we’ve seen lately. Again we emphasize the animations and their movements are very similar to those of Mickey Mouse, and really come to look like brothers. In addition the atmosphere of the MOD with the backgrounds and the animated Cutscenes with dialogues are two additional points that make it even better MOD if possible.

Download VS Oswald FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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