VS MAG Agent (Torture) FNF MOD (Full Week) – Descargar (Friday Night Funkin’)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS MAG Agent, also known as VS Torture, is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ in which we will face Torture, a giant demon with a trench coat and red sunglasses. This FNF MOD includes only one song (Torture Song) as it is currently only available in demo version.

VS MAG Agent Torture FNF

VS MAG Agent is a FNF MOD that stands out for its aesthetics, demonic themed but perfectly manicured. The Skin of Torture is tremendously worked and the result is spectacular. The Background perfectly matches the aesthetics of this MOD. The song seems to be composed by Torture himself, which gives an atmosphere of its own to the game. The playability is remarkable offering challenges that will entertain all types of players.

FNF VS MAG Agent Torture is a demo version that I hope will soon become definitive. We are facing a project that promises to become one of the highest quality FNF MODS on the network. The high quality and notable gameplay are joined by an outstanding design. Recommended for all types of players, especially for lovers of hellish aesthetics.

Download VS MAG Agent FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Link – Download