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FNF VS Hatty is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a new musical adventure in which we will face a rival we didn’t know until now: Hatty. In this duel we will have to defeat a puppeteer and his puppet managed by him. The idea seems simple, however, we will not have a simple path to victory because we will have to give the best of ourselves to beat Hatty.

VS Hatty

And we will not only have to beat him once, but we will have to do it twice, as this new week available for Friday Night Funkin’ includes two new confrontations with completely new songs. In the second of the songs, we will see how Hatty suffers a small transformation that we will see reflected in his skin as his hair begins to dye in different colors, hinting that he is going more serious than ever.

All these musical duels will take place in a familiar environment for Hatty, and we will have to beat him on a theater stage, a place where it is common to see the puppeteers and their puppets develop their functions. So if on top of that we have already said that this is a MOD of medium-high difficulty, we will have to overcome it playing as visitors, since Hatty will feel at home in this location.

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