FNF VS Hatchling (Outer Wilds) – Play Online & Download MOD

FNF VS Hatchling (Outer Wilds) is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a new rival that we will have to face: Hatchling. We are presented with a new adventure ahead inspired by the indie game Outer Wilds, hence both our rival and many elements of the MOD are taken from that game.

Regarding the music section of the MOD, VS Hatchling (Outer Wilds) gives us two new playable weeks in Friday Night Funkin’ known as Loop 1 and Loop 2. However, to access the second week we will have to unlock it first by completing the first one. In total between the two weeks we will have 6 unreleased songs to date that are really fun to play.

As for the graphic and visual section of the MOD, we will have custom Skins for the characters that appear in the MOD, as well as a custom Background where the different musical duels will take place. But undoubtedly its main strong point are the animated Cutscenes through which we are told the plot and story of the MOD.

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