FNF VS Flippy & Geg’s Jamwham – Play Online & Download MOD

FNF VS Flippy & Geg’s Jamwham is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings two new characters to the FNF community, who will be the main characters of the story and the development of the songs that we will play this week. Enjoy an incredible musical adventure where you will have to give the best of yourself to overcome this challenge.

VS Flippy & Geg's Jamwham

Regarding the musical section of the MOD, we are presented with a new playable week for Friday Night Funkin’ known as: Jam Act 1, it includes for now 3 unreleased songs to date: Wowzers, Hiss and P-Combo. Given the name of the week, it is very likely that in the future the MOD will undergo new updates in which new musical content will be included with Act 2, 3 …

As for the graphical and visual aspect of VS Flippy & Geg’s Jamwham we must highlight the following aspects. Visually it is a quite correct MOD, we will have available different Backgrounds for the different Stages in which we will maintain musical duels. Of course each of the characters has its own custom Skin. We must also remember that the animations of the characters match very well with the rhythm of the music.

Download FNF VS Flippy & Geg’s Jamwham MOD for Friday Night Funkin

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