Friday Night Funkin’ VS Brightside FNF MOD (Secret) – Download

VS Brightside FNF MOD is a new modification of Friday Night Fuinkin’ that allows us to access a new week, with 4 new songs (and 1 secret song) and 2 new characters to face. Downloading and installing this MOD is very simple and will give you access to new unreleased content within the game.

Brightside fnf mod

VS Brightside, which is set between dark and creepy, will give us access to one of the weirdest weeks you’ll find in a FNF MOD. The music added by this MOD is far from comfortable to listen to (we guess that’s what the developer was looking for, to add more elements to that dark/creepy theme). On the other hand, the new dialogues, cinematics and appearance in general, are of great quality and add a lot to the atmosphere of this MOD (which is one of the best you’ll find).

How to unlock the secret song of VS Brightside?

Since the developer has asked not to grant the code needed to unlock the secret song, we can’t tell you exactly what it is (so it keeps the fun of putting a secret code). Mind you, we can give you a hint:

  • The MOD developer has posted this video as the main clue to find the code. To help you out a bit (although most will have figured it out by now), this video must be played backwards in order to understand what the voice is telling us.

Download Friday Night Funkin VS Brightside

We have created a mirror on with the original MOD files for easy download in case the official source fails.

Link – Download

How to install FNF VS Brightside MOD

This MOD does not require any kind of installation, so you simply need to unzip the downloaded file and open the executable file it contains.