FNF Triple Trouble First Person – Download MOD

FNF Triple Trouble First Person is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us incredible contents inspired by the creepypasta Sonic.EXE. Not only will we have the appearance of Sonic, but also other characters such as Dr.Eggman, Tails and Knuckles. This is a MOD that offers a high level of quality both musically and graphically.

triple trouble first person

Regarding the musical section of the MOD, we are presented with a new playable week for Friday Night Funkin’, it includes the song “Triple Trouble” performed by the characters mentioned above. This song features a high level of difficulty and includes vocals that sound great. One of the most remarkable elements of the song are the vocals of Eggman and Sonic.EXE.

As for the graphic and visual aspect of Triple Trouble First Person, the following aspects should be highlighted. We will have a custom background quite dark, similar to the MODs of this theme. The novelty in this case is the first person perspective, we will act in a rap battle being BF and we will hear his vocals, but visually we will only be able to observe his hand and the microphone. This MOD offers a new design with first-person perspective for the characters full of details that look pretty good. This is an ideal MOD for those who enjoy Sonic.EXE content, since this way they will be able to live an even closer experience.

Download Triple Trouble First Person MOD for Friday Night Funkin

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