FNF The Vivian Plague (GF.EXE) – Download MOD

FNF The Vivian Plague is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that gives us the opportunity to live a totally new story. A challenge in which an alternative and terrifying tale unfolds in which a strange plague or disease has ravaged the poor BF by taking possession of her body.

The MOD features a series of three songs titled “Encounter”, “Frenemy” and “Infected”. This challenge is plagued, and never better said, of great difficulty and not only by the skill that we must play but the psychological challenge that BF must face to see his companion in such a deplorable state. Although it must be said that BF is not alone in this problem, as it will have the help of his friend Pico. FNF The Vivian Plague has a good graphic and visual section that accompanies the story, a GF that has a pretty scary zombie look. Animations and intros will also appear throughout the Mod, and will take us into the dark story behind the enigma of the plague. Are you curious?

The Vivian Plague

Download FNF The Vivian Plague MOD for Friday Night Funkin

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