FNF VS Spy VS Spy [FULL WEEK] – Download MOD

FNF VS Spy VS Spy is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes two mysterious characters inspired by a comic strip and a game from the 90s. They are Spy & Spy, two spies with beaked faces and very white complexion wearing hats and trench coats, willing to do everything possible to go unnoticed. But this time they won’t succeed, as they casually bump into BF and end up facing each other in a rap battle. Did you doubt it?

VS Spy SpyVS Spy VS Spy FNF contains three new songs that include different sound effects, as well as 2 extra songs that include a very cool character design. These songs offer a medium/high difficulty level, and in them, we will hear somewhat strange sounds that combine well with the “vibes” of these characters.

VS Spy VS Spy is a MOD with customized graphic content, such as the new background on which the story is based, cinematic, and customized start screen. It also offers an interesting design of the characters inspired by the comic strip, especially in the extra songs in which we will be able to see them with a blue trench coat and with details such as objects to fulfill their work as spies. This is a MOD that stands out especially for the characters in which it is inspired and for the atmosphere that surrounds them.

Download VS Spy VS Spy MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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