FNF Skins – Download Friday Night Funkin Skins (2021)

The Skins for Friday Night Funkin allow us to enjoy new characters of all kinds within the game just by changing a few files. On this page we have grouped the best FNF Skins so you can choose for yourself which are your favorites and download them.

Although it is true that almost all MODs have a built-in skin, in this section we have only included those MODs that only include Skins, without anything else. This is a small subcategory of MODs, where you will find the best Skins for FNF today.

Download Skins for FNF – Friday Night Funkin

Here we leave you a selection of the skins that are most wanted in recent weeks. You can download all of them from our website. Remember that there are many other skins available, but they are in the MODs section, as they also add songs or other functions.

How to install FNF Skins

Most FNF Skins require the same process to be installed in Friday Night Funkin. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Unzip the file you downloaded from the MOD.
  2. Insert the MOD files in the original game’s file folder, so that you replace those that are repeated.
  3. Open the game normally and enjoy the MOD.

If there is any Skin that requires some special step, it will be indicated in the skin’s own post.