Download Sarv-odila FNF MOD – Playable Sarv & Ruv

Sarv-odila FNF MOD (also called Playable Sarv) is a modification of Friday Night Funkin’ that allows us to play as Sarvente and Ruv, replacing the in-game boyfriend skin. Downloading and installing this MOD previously requires the use of Sarvente’s Midnight Masses, one of the most famous MODs of the moment, and on which Sarv-odila is based, which could be seen as a small expansion of the first one.

sarv odila fnf mod

In addition, apart from allowing us to enjoy playing as Sarv, this MOD allows us to face Ruv, to give rise to a magical duet. It is not the MOD that adds more content, far from it, but we welcome with open hands any small expansion that adds content to a MOD of the caliber of Sarvente’s Midnight Masses.

Download Friday Night Funkin Sarv-odila MOD

This MOD is available in two versions: one that allows us to play as Sarv and one that allows us to play as Ruv.

Link Playable Sarv – Download

Link Playable Ruv – Download

How to install Sarv-odila MOD on FNF

This MOD Pack does not require any kind of installation, as it has its own executable to open the game. You only need to unzip the downloaded file and open the executable that has the resulting folder.