Never Gonna Ruv You Up FNF MOD – Friday Night Funkin’

Never Gonna Ruv You Up is a small expansion of one of the most popular MODs of Friday Night Funkin’: Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses. With this new expansion you will be able to enjoy a new song (Ruvved Up) with a new chart (the developer himself warns us that he alone has been in charge of developing the new chart, and the new song is by Mike Geno).

Never Gonna Ruv You Down FNF MOD

The song that we will be able to enjoy in the confrontation with Ruv is a parody of Never Gonna Give You Up. It should be noted that in order to play the content of this MOD it will be necessary to previously have the original MOD, and all files must be installed in the original MOD folder.

Download Never Gonna Ruv You Up for Friday Night Funkin’

The MOD can be downloaded without any problems from the link below:

Link – Download.

How to install Never Gonna Ruv You Up

As mentioned above, the MOD files will need to be installed in the Sarvente’s Midnight Masses folder, as it needs the files from it to be playable. The process is identical to when you install MODs in the original game.