FNF Madness Night MOD – Play Online & Download (Full Week)

FNF Madness Night is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that once again includes characters from Madness Combat for FNF. It is a MOD that features two characters from this series: Tricky The Clown and Grunt. Despite being accustomed lately to have numerous MODS of Madness Combat, this is a MOD that is worth trying both for its graphics and music.

Madness Night FNF contains 3 new songs with a medium/high difficulty level, in which we will face the character Grunt from Madness Combat, in addition to a tutorial. In the tutorial, which offers a great musical rhythm, we will face Tricky while in the three songs of the first week we will have him as a spectator along with GF. Throughout the songs we will see Grunt with his gun ready to fight an epic rap battle, while performing animations to the rhythm of the music. In addition, we will have numerous shots and sound effects inspired by the series.

FNF Madness Night is a MOD with a graphic content quite well worked, it offers an interesting cinematic that gives a great atmosphere, in addition to having a custom home screen, custom background in which we will see different details, and also arrows with a custom design which are trick arrows that can not be pressed, which increases the difficulty. The creators of this MOD have already announced that they are planning an update with much more content, so we will have to wait for future improvements.

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