FNF Dont Get Spooked [FULL WEEK] – Download MOD

In FNF Dont Get Spooked we will have one of the main novelties that we have seen in recent months in Friday Night Funkin’, and is that we will have to face this incredible musical duel from another perspective, and is that throughout the MOD we will have a point of view similar to first person from the perspective of BF. Although it may seem silly, this detail changes a lot the playable experience and gives it a very new look.

FNF Dont Get Spooked

The whole story of the MOD begins at the moment that BF goes to ask for some candy for Halloween and ends up meeting this curious ghost, however the ghost does not have the typical candy of these dates, so BF decides to challenge him in a musical duel. This is how this new week known as Don’t Get Spooked begins, and the most remarkable thing about the songs is that they are very inspired by the MOD theme, since they are very sinister, with melodies similar to the song “The Lavender Village” from Pokémon.

Regarding the graphic section of the MOD, in addition to the novelty about the point of view that we will have throughout the playable development, another thing to highlight is that given the point of view that we will have, the Backgrounds lose a little importance, with respect to other MODs, since they will hardly be visible while the Skins of the different characters stand out even more than in a normal MOD.

Download FNF Dont Get Spooked MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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