FNF Dark Deception [Dark Funkin] MOD – Download

FNF Dark Deception is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that includes new characters that are based on the famous horror video game Dark Deception. This is a MOD that offers a really creepy content, in the perfect time to do it, as we are waiting for Halloween excitedly and this MOD is a very good way to celebrate it in FNF. We will see how BF gets into the scariest rap battles of this season!

Dark Deception

Dark Deception FNF contains 8 new songs in which we will face four different characters from the Dark Deception video game. These characters have a very well worked design, very creepy vocals and cool special effects. They are super difficult songs that have arrows at full speed. In the songs we will face the following characters in order: Monkey Bussines, Agatha, Dread Ducky and Lucky The Rabbit.

Dark Deception is a MOD with numerous custom graphic content that offers a great quality, with all the elements based on the video game mentioned above. It is a MOD that offers a custom home screen, arrows with a custom design that looks really good, and different custom backgronds with the style of each of the characters that appear throughout the songs. We are facing a MOD that is worth trying and that will make us have a great time in a game of Friday Night Funkin’ quite different and terrifying. It is a MOD suitable for lovers of the Dark Deception video game and for lovers of terror in general, which is a musical challenge.

Download Dark Deception MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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