Boy Girlfriend FNF MOD Skin – Friday Night Funkin’

If you want to replace the girlfriend character to become a boy, with Boy Girlfriend FNF MOD you will be able to fulfill this wish, replacing the girlfriend skin with a totally new boy skin. Downloading and installing this MOD is super simple and will give you access to a brand new unpublished skin.

boy girlfriend fnf

Also, it is worth noting that this MOD combines very well with Girl Boyfriend MOD, which in addition to changing the girlfriend character to a boy, would also replace the boyfriend with a girl. These MODs make the game much more “accessible” to all genders and, although it’s silly, it’s not bad at all to implement this kind of skins for those people who want to play as a girl character.

Download Boy Girlfriend FNF MOD Skin – Friday Night Funkin

Remember that this MOD is only a skin. You can download it from the following link.
Link – Download

How to install Boy Girlfriend MOD Skin on FNF

First you will need to unzip the file you downloaded. After this, insert the MOD files inside the game files folder, replacing those that already existed previously. After this, open the game normally and you will be able to enjoy the new Skin.