FNF 6 BF VS 6 Sky (Fangirl Fenzy) FULL WEEK – Download MOD

FNF 6 BF VS 6 Sky is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that gives us the opportunity to face a large-scale musical challenge, an army of BF vs. an army of BG!

Regarding the musical section of the MOD, it has a song with an exceptional rhythm that will become a challenge for anyone who is able to submit to such a test. As for the graphic and visual aspect of VS 6 Sky it displays great visual and colorful effects in the chat that will accompany us to liven up the duel between the two groups. Regarding the Skins, BF and Sky present a large repertoire in their designs include their original version and other versions such as NEO, B-Sides remixes.

FNF 6 BF VS 6 Sky

Download FNF 6 BF VS 6 Sky MOD for Friday Night Funkin

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