Best Darkest Dungeon II MODs for PC – Download & Install

Darkest Dungeon 2 is the second installment of the Darkest Dungeon games, which has brought a lot of new features compared to the first installment. The first edition was a real success and this second promises to be as good or better than the first, both for the story and gameplay, as for the graphic section of the game.

Mods Darkest Dungeon 2

The MODs of Darkest Dungeon 2 add a lot of content to the game, as they allow us to introduce new classes to the game, items… But also the main utility that we will have through MODs is to tweak certain rules or aspects of the game that are not allowed to be configured within the game.

The Best Darkest Dungeon II MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded Darkest Dungeon II:


MOD Name Description Type Size Download

Sellable Items

Allows you to sell items in other locations Miscellaneous 322 KB Download MOD
Start with 2 Mastery Points Gives us an additional Mastery Point when starting the game Miscellaneous 3 KB Download MOD
Stagecoach – Increased Inventory Space Increases inventory space Miscellaneous 6 KB Download MOD
Epic Valley Beginning Increases the rate of getting a better trinket Miscellaneous 3 KB Download MOD
Relationship Rework Slows down the development of character relationships Miscellaneous 44 KB Download MOD
All Skills Equippable We can equip all available skills on the characters Miscellaneous 554 KB Download MOD
Infinite Items Consumable items are no longer consumable Miscellaneous 86 KB Download MOD
Patience And Stress Increases the tolerance of our heroes Miscellaneous 15 KB Download MOD
Inn Stagecoach Skin – Coach Doll. Replaces the Stagecoach NPC skin. Miscellaneous 5.8 MB Download MOD
No Stress On Passing Turn On passing turn in combat, heroes take no stress damage Miscellaneous 2 KB Download MOD
Inn Mastery Trainer Skin – Trainer Doll. Replaces the NPC Mastery Trainer skin. Miscellaneous 1.8 MB Download MOD
Faster Stage Coach This mod makes Stage Coach 4 times faster Miscellaneous 3 KB Download MOD
Bigger Items stack and Inventory Currency and food stacks 50% higher and the starting inventory space has changed from 21 -> 26. Miscellaneous 1 KB Download MOD

How to download and install Darkest Dungeon II MODs

To download and install the Darkest Dungeon 2 MODs we will need to perform the following steps:

  1. First we will have to download the desired MODs from the list.
  2. Then we will have to go to the root folder of Darkest Dungeon.
  3. In it we will have to locate a folder called Mods, in case it does not exist we will have to create it.
  4. Locate the downloaded files in that folder.
  5. Enter the game.
  6. Individually activate the MODs you want from the Darkest Dungeon 2 settings menu.