Download Best Teardown Maps +15 (PC Windows)

Teardown is a video game that stands out for including infinite possibilities when playing, especially if we use some of the incredible MODs that are in continuous development. In this section you will find a type of MODS in contreto, the MODS that change the map or add new elements to the landscape. Below you can find a list of the best Teardown maps of all time:

Teardown maps

Download the best Teardown maps for PC

MOD name Description Type Size Download
Bridge Construction New bridge on a private island Bridge Map 2.55 MB Download
Bigger Mini City New city map in miniature size Mini map 8.63 MB Download
Modern Apartment Building New map with houses offering modern design Decorative map 4.92 MB Download
No Intro New map that removes the intro from the game, allowing us to jump directly into the game Remove intro 1.22 kB Download
Extra Custom Slots Add new slots to the menu Menu map 47.61 kB Download
Tower map Add a fully furnished and renovated tower Item map 1.36 MB Download
Minecraft Village Map Map that adds the Minecraft village to the game Decorative map 40.8 MB Download
The White House New map of The White House Decorative map 10.66 MB Download
Titanic New ship inspired by the Titanic (we can drive it) Map and ship 2.17 MB Download
NGNT Nuclear Facility New nuclear map with Soviet Union decorations Nuclear map 94.7 MB Download
The Block New central block with different styles Block map 6.72 MB Download
Russian Post Soviet Town maps New map based on post-Soviet Russia Epoch map 2.28 MB Download
Ragdoll human playground! Add giant human dolls Characters 64.017 MB Download
1800 x 1800 City with sewers New city with minimalist details Minimalist map 1.23 MB Download
Voxel Plaza New city map with roads, vehicles, and more City map 19.41 MB Download

How to download and install a new Teardown map

To download a map in Teardown, we have to choose the map we are interested in from the table above and click on the “Download” button. This button will take us to the download link, and we will have to do the following:

  1. Click on “Public Download Link”
  2. Wait for the download to complete, which will provide us with a compressed file in .zip format.
  3. Locate the downloaded file and extract it into a folder with the same name.
  4. Look for the folder named “My Documents/Teardown/mods” on your computer.
  5. Find the folder named “My Documents/Teardown/mods” on your computer.
  6. Drag the folder that we have previously unzipped to the folder “My Documents/Teardown/mods”.
  7. Ready, once we open the game we will be able to enjoy the MOD.