Best Totally Accurate Battle Simulator MODs (TABS)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a video game created by Landfall Games in which we will have to form our own army to start simulating epic battles. The game has two game modes, to choose between sandbox and campaign. In TABS we will find several types of MODs, from those that completely change the gameplay, to some that change certain visual aspects of the game.


Some of the best TABS MODs and player favorites are those that add new factions or new troops to the game to make battles even more epic. In the following table you will find all kinds of MODs for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, from new game modes to new elements for tower defense.

Best TABS MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below are the MODs most downloaded MODs for TABS:

MOD name Description Type Size Download
I am clinically insane Mod by Mclovin Meme 28.78kb Download
BTS Mod for Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 5.8kb Download
Minecraft Faction New Minecraft Faction Minecraft 9.34mb Download
Just Modern Faction New faction with 64 units in modern style Faction 18.01mb Download
SCP New faction with 56 new units Faction 17.99mb Download
Survive 205 days in tabs New map, new days, new bosses, and more New mode 366.81kb Download
[TDCS] Tower Defense Xbox Fixed New Tower Defense Tower Defense 441.75mb Download
Call of duty: TABS New Call of Dutty-style game zones Game zones 19.9mb Download
Chaoz Owl Faction New battle simulator Simulator 78.3mb Download
RAIDING A CITY New campaign campaign 23.38kb Download
Greek Mythology Part 1 New campaign based on Greek mythology campaign 48.88kb Download
The Void War AKA Don’t fall in the hole New game mode where you have to try to defend the dynasty Game mode 13.41kb Download
Fenric New character combining Doctor Who with the god behind the secret door Character 563.41 KB Download
(non?) Historically Accurate Medieval Troops New troops with medieval design Troops 77.64 MB Download
Towers Faction Supreme Mod New faction with new character design Faction 36.74 MB Download
RPG Characters New RPG Characters mode Characters 4.4 MB Download
WWW2 WEHRMACHT:GERMAN ARMY [GD] New army inspired by Wartime Germany Troops 18.31mb Download
MARVEL New Marvel character designs Skins 18.21mb Download
WW2 USSR:SOVIET RUSSIA RED ARMY [GD] New faction based on the Soviet army of World War I Faction 18.11mb Download