+20 Best Subnautica Below Zero MODs (2022) – Download

If you are looking to download MODs for Subnautica Below Zero and learn the best way to install them for both Epic Games and Steam, you have come to the right place. It should be emphasized that Below Zero MODs are quite similar to those of the first title of the saga, but we already have quite interesting new features.

subnautica below zero mods

+20 Best Subnautica Below Zero MODs you should try and download

Nombre Tipo Versión Tamaño Descargar
Advanced Inventory User interface 1.0.5 11 KB Download MOD
Advanced Storage Game effects and changes 2.0.0 4 KB Download MOD
Bag equipment Objects 1.0.1 54 KB Download MOD
BetterSeaglide Game effects and changes 2.0.1 7 KB Download MOD
CheatManagerZero Game effects and changes 1.2.9 63 KB Download MOD
EasyCraft Miscellaneous 1.2.0 15 KB Download MOD
Map Miscellaneous 1.2.4 6.5 MB Download MOD
MoonPoolVehicleRepair Game effects and changes 1.0.3 4 KB Download MOD
More Quick Slots User interface 2.2 22 KB Download MOD
QMOD SAM Utilities 4.3.0 3.3 MB Download MOD
Seatruck Armor Upgrades Vehicles and improvements 1.6  

80 KB

Download MOD
Seatruck Arms Vehicles and improvements 1.5 82 KB Download MOD
Seatruck Depth Upgrades Vehicles and improvements 1.6 77 KB Download MOD
Seatruck Scanner Module Vehicles and improvements 1.2 77 KB Download MOD
Seatruck Speed Upgrades Vehicles and improvements 1.6 Tamaño Download MOD
Slot Extender Zero Vehicles and improvements  


60 KB Download MOD
SMLHelper Zero Utilities 2.12.1 147 KB Download MOD

Game effects and changes

1.4.1 21 KB Download MOD
VersionChecker Utilities  

25 KB

Download MOD

Subnautica Below Zero, the second edition of the Subnautica saga, already has numerous MODs that can make our experience in the game improve significantly. As you may already know from your experience in other games, MODs can be of all kinds, and there are those that improve the game by adding interesting new features, while others can be seen more as hacks or tricks for the game, as they make it a whole lot easier or allow us to cheat.

Be that as it may, Subnautica Below Zero is not a competitive multiplayer game, so everyone can do what they want and install the MODs they enjoy the most, as there are many options and very good ones.

How to download and install MODs in Subnautica Below Zero

In this post we are going to show you all the information you need to download and install the best MODs for Subnautica. The process is quite simple, and I use it myself for installing MODs in my Subnautica game.

As with other games like Satisfactory, a MOD Manager has already appeared that allows us to install the games easily. Unfortunately, it is not as high quality as the mod launchers of other games, and we will have to manage the MOD files on our own, as would happen if we were to create a custom Minecraft MOD pack. However, and with the combination of another MOD that complements it, the launcher MODs of Subnautica Below Zero gives the size to be crowned as the most used manager.

How to download and install QMODMANAGER 4 & QSAM – Subnautica Below Zero

The first thing we must do to start installing MODs in Subnautica is to download QMOD MANAGER 4 and QSAM, which are the MODs that will be used to install and manage all the others. Both are .exe files that you will have to run as administrator, since Windows will not recognize the developer. In the following links you can download both MODs and find out how to use them to install MODs in Subnautica:

Link – Download QMODMANAGER 4

Link – Download QMOD SAM

How to install MODs in Subnautica

Once you have installed the QMODMANAGER and QSAM .exe files, you can now start installing MODs in Below Zero. It will be as simple as:

    1. Download the MOD you want to install and unzip its contents
    2. Copy the entire folder containing the MOD files and paste it into the QMods folder, inside the game files.