+20 Best Stardew Valley MODs – Download (PC Windows)

Download Stardew Valley MODs for PC – farm simulation video game in which the main character gets tired of working in an office and decides to go to his grandfather’s farm to live a different life in contact with nature. When he arrives at the place he finds a disastrous place that he has to arrange and put in order.

Along with the protagonist, we will have to take care of the crops and animals, as well as perform all the tasks related to the work of a farmer. In addition, we will be able to have social interactions with the neighbors of the place and we will have to be aware of the health, hunger and vital levels of our protagonist, as well as the internal clock of the game.

Stardew Valley MODs

In Stardew Valley we find MODs of all kinds, which allow you to get new tools that change the gameplay, expansions for the game, cheats to have everything to the maximum, and new vehicles such as tractors with different skins. Below, you will find a table with the best Stardew Valley MODs, with the description of what they are used for and the download link.

Best Stardew Valley MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded MODs of Stardew Valley:


MOD Name Description Type Size Download

Content Patcher

Content Patcher

Automatically changes content packet data such as location, date, weather, images, maps, and more without replacing XNB files Updates 457 KB Download
SMAPI – Stardew Modding API Loads game MODS Loads 3.2 MB Download
CJB – Cheats Menu Numerous cheats to use in game Cheats 208 KB Download
NPC – Map Locations We will be able to see players and NPCs on the map, plus you can have minimap Maps 441 KB Download
Stardew Valley Expanded Fanmade expansion that adds new locations, events, maps, music, etc Expansion 226.9 MB Download
CJB – Item Spawner New item spawner menu Spawner 17 KB Download
PyTK – Platonymous Toolkit Smapi MODS Toolkit PyTK – Platonymous Toolkit 585 KB Download
Stardewvalley Anime MODs New skins for characters with roles as single, married, etc Love portraits 198 KB Download
SpaceCore Frame mod required to use other MODS Frame 192 KB Download
Json Assets Custom content packs such as recipes, hats, weapons, clothes, etc Custom Content 227 KB Download
Lookup Anything Live information display on villagers, harvesting, etc Information 579 KB Download
TMXL Map Toolkit Tools for creating and editing maps and other constructibles Map Toolkit 134 KB Download
Tractor MOD MOD that allows you to buy a tractor to improve harvesting and productivity Tractor 211 KB Download
Automate Automate the process of extracting raw items from a chest by placing it next to a machine Performance optimization 240 KB Download
Farm Type Manager (FTM) Allows you to generate customizable features on each farm Utilities for modders 240 KB Download
Ui Info Suite Offers information about the characteristics surrounding the player Performance optimization 535 KB Download
Gift Taste Helper Displays information to help you choose birthday gifts Interface 155 KB Download
Winter Grass Allows grass to survive climatic changes Soil 11 KB Download
Skull Cavern Elevator Add an elevator in Skull Cavern Utilities 169 KB Download
CJB Show Item Sell Price Lets you see the sell price of items in inventory Utilities 13 KB Download

Download and install SMAPI to add MODs in Stardew Valley

Before downloading MODs for Stardew Valley, we have to keep in mind that it is necessary to previously install a MODS loader that allows you to add and load our favorite MODS in the game. It is SMAPI, which is compatible with the achievements obtained on platforms such as GOG and Steam. In addition, it works for computers with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. To download and install SMAPI we have to follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the download link below:
  2. Download SMAPI MODS loader
  3. Once on the SMAPI website select “Direct Download”
  4. Wait for the download to complete, which will come in a compressed .zip file.
  5. Extract the compressed file into a folder.
  6. Look for the .exe installer and double-click to open it.
  7. Double-click to open it.
  8. Double-click to open it.
  9. Accept the installation permissions by clicking “Accept”
  10. The SMAPI installation will start automatically.
  11. Follow the installation instructions.
  12. Follow the installation instructions and wait for the installation to complete.
  13. We will be able to enjoy an infinite number of MODS for the game.

How to download and install Stardew Valley MODs

Download and install Stardew Valley MODs is very simple, just select the MOD that you like in the table that appears previously and follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the “Download” button of the selected MOD.
  2. Once in “Files”, we select the most updated version of the MOD. To do this we look at the date of upload.
  3. Click on “Manual Download” or, if you prefer, you can install it directly through SMAPI by selecting the “MOD Manager Download” option.
  4. Wait for the download to complete and locate the file, which will be located in our downloads folder or the folder we have previously selected.
  5. We have now downloaded our MOD, which will be in .zip version. Now we will have to unzip the file in our Stardew Valley MODs folder.
  6. We can now run our MOD through SMAPI. If you don’t have SMAPI yet, follow the download and installation instructions we found previously.