Best Slime Rancher MODs – Download & Install

Slime Rancher is a first-person simulation and adventure video game with an open world. It is a video game developed by Monomi Park in which we will find the story of the rancher Beatrix LeBeau on a strange planet inhabited by slimes.

Slime Rancher

The best Slime Rancher MODs are famous for including new types of slimes, as well as some that include skins for the game. In the table below we will find some of the MODS that add types of slimes, as well as some that add new elements such as drones, expansions and change in farming methods for obtaining food for the slimes.

It is a video game that offers enough gameplay possibilities to have fun and spend great moments of gameplay, which are further expanded with the modifications that its players enjoy so much. Below, we find a table with some of the most used Slime Rancher MODs.

Best Slime Rancher MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded Slime Rancher:

MOD Name Description Type Size Download
Quantum Drones Add new variant of drones with teleporter Drones 5 KB Download
SRML SaveRegistry Fixes Saves and loads data errors Fixes save and load errors 3 KB Download
SRML (Slime Rancher Mod Loader) Slime Rancher loader and modification frame Loader 2.8 MB Download
More Vaccables Allows you to collect objects that you usually can’t, also prevents them from escaping Collection 62.3 MB Download
Singularity Slimes Two new Slimes New Characters 1 MB Download
Growable Ginger and Kookadoba Makes golden ginger and kookadoba Adds cultivable elements 6 KB Download
Tarr Rancher Add playable Tarr, new size and features for Tarr Tarr 553 KB Download
Market Expansion Plorts modified, new market Expansion 8 KB Download
Shiny slimes Includes the shiny feature to slimes (like shiny Pokémon) Skins 9 KB Download
More Lengths Convert inexhaustible slimes into long ones Longer lengths 7 KB Download
Shadow Slimes Adds shadow slimes to the game as well as Plorts Appearance 50 KB Download
Lucky Slime Plorts Adds Lucky Plorts that you get by feeding a slime a stony chicken New Slimes 15 KB Download
More Commands Add new commands to the game New Commands 10 KB Download
AutoExtractor Extractors automatically send items to the refinery upon completion Utility 2 KB Download
Custom Construction Walls and platforms can be placed anywhere on the map Custom Construction 89 KB Download
Randomized Ranching You will encounter randomized slimes on your way Randomized Ranching 4 KB Download
Vac Selection Custom Vacpack configuration Configuration 541 KB Download
Simple SR mod library (Core mod) MODS library that allows you to create MODs in a simple way Utilities for modders 590 KB Download
Quantum Drones Adds a teleporting quantum drone to the game Drones 5 KB Download
Drone Power Bank Adds a device that boosts the drone’s battery to run longer Drone tools 7 KB Download