Download Ficsit Farming MOD Satisfactory (SMM) & how to install

Ficsit Farming is a MOD for Satisfactory focused on adding new buildings around the “branch” of farms and agriculture. Downloading Ficsit Farming will give you access to 14 new in-game buildings, which you will be able to acquire naturally as you level up the HUB.

MOD Name Ficsit Farming MOD
Game Satisfactory
Description 14 New constructions in the farm and agriculture sector
Tier A
Tipe New Constructions
Size 283 MB
Download Download MOD

This mod, developed by the creators of Refined Power, is one of those “must-haves” that give depth to the game, adding new possibilities that we don’t naturally have in the game. It is not known if Satisfactory will make use of this type of constructions for a future update, but in the meantime we can enjoy this fantastic MOD. In addition, the constructions that they add mimic perfectly with the style that follows the game.

This MOD is in the “quality life” category, so it does not unbalance the game too much, but complements it with alternative systems to develop in new fields, in this case the farms. Undoubtedly, one of the most recommended MODs today.

Screenshots of Ficsit Farming

How to download and install Ficsit Farming MOD for Satisfactory

  1. Install Satisfactory MOD Manager (SMM) to be able to install the mod.
  2. Download and install Ficsit Farming from this link.
  3. Open the game using the SMM Launcher, marking the MOD in the list.