Download Exosuit MOD Satisfactory (SMM) & how to install

Exosuit MOD allows us to combine in a single piece the two mobility tools of the game: the blade runners and the jetpack. By downloading this MOD, you will be able to access an exosuit that, apart from offering you the combined abilities of both pieces that form it, also offers additional abilities.

MOD Name Exosuit MOD
Game Satisfactory
Description New item
Tier A
Tipe New items
Size 461 KB
Download Download MOD

The Exosuit can be unlocked in the HUB, at level 6. It is a very useful tool, since it improves mobility within the game without unbalancing it too much, as it would happen with the MODs that allow you to fly.

Although it is true that this MOD only adds a tool, I think it is sufficiently useful and well designed to earn a place in the selection of Satisfactory MODs of any player.

How to download and install Exosuit MOD for Satisfactory

  1. Install Satisfactory MOD Manager (SMM) to be able to install the mod.
  2. Download and install Exosuit MOD from this link.
  3. Open the game using the SMM Launcher, marking the MOD in the list.