Best No Man’s Sky MODs para PC – Download

No Man’s Sky is a survival-type exploration game in which we will play as a character lost in the middle of the galaxy, and who will face the immense challenge of surviving in this inhospitable place. We will have to be able to gather the necessary resources to repair our ship and from there begin to explore other planets in search of new materials for more advanced constructions.

Mods no man's sky

Through the No Man’s Sky Mods we can access a lot of additional content, among other things new materials, new buildings, new vehicles, which will give an even greater depth if possible to a game that is as immense as the galaxy itself.

The Best No Man’s Sky MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded No Man’s Sky:

MOD Name Description Type Size Download

Reduced Launch Cost 2.0

Reduced Launch Cost 2.0

Reduced the cost of launching your ship from the ground Vehicles 22 KB Download MOD
Fast Actions 4.0 Faster clicks Fast Actions 4.0 7 KB Download MOD
LowFlight v3.1 LowFlight allows you to fly as close to the ground as you want and be able to look in any direction Vehicles 8 KB Download MOD
Better Planet Generation A huge overhaul of planet generation Ecosystems 20 MB Download MOD
DEEP SPACE V2 Various graphical tweaks to turn it into No Child’s Sky Ecosystems 3 MB Download MOD
Exosolar’s Beyond Base Building Adds an extreme degree of freedom to base building options Gameplay 35 KB Download MOD
NMS Extender – NMSE A tool in which modders can create mods that run directly inside NMS. Utilities 771 KB Download MOD
Better Rewards This mod increases the amount of currency you get with faster word learning and increased resource gathering options Tricks 59 KB Download MOD
BigThings Makes trees, rocks and plants much bigger Ecosystems 84 KB Download MOD
Busier Space Increase the amount of ships generated in each solar system Vehicles 1 KB Download MOD
HD Clouds 1.3 Improves cloud resolution Overhauls 16 MB Download MOD
Fine LOD Various corrections in the graphic section Corrections 2 KB Download MOD
Fast Actions Eliminates all the waiting for a multitude of actions Interface 2 KB Download MOD

How to download and install No Man’s Sky MODs

To download and install MODs for No Man’s Sky we will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Access to Man’s Sky.
  2. Look for the file DISABLEMODS.TXT.
  3. Delete the file DISABLEMODS.TXT.
  4. Delete the file.
  5. Create a folder named MODs.
  6. Delete the file.
  7. Place the downloaded files (MODs) in that folder.
  8. Delete the MODs file.
  9. Access to the game and we can enjoy the MODs of No Man’s Sky.