Best Microsoft Flight Simulator MODs – Download (PC)

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulator that has been active for many years, in particular it is one of the oldest flight simulators, which is still in operation. This simulator has been receiving updates over the years, which improve the simulation experience, and increasingly has more add-ons.

In recent years, the MODS of Microsoft Flight Simulator have become popular, as they add new elements to the game such as map improvements, new aircraft, new airports, and many other details that have conquered those who enjoy an adventure in the air.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Some of the MODs most used by gamers are those concerning liveries for aircraft, along with MODs that offer new scenery such as different airports and cities around the world, with an increasingly realistic level of quality. There are also MODs dedicated to adding some quite practical tools to the gameplay, some that add weather changes and different effects in the environment, and others that improve the graphic quality and sound. Any of the MODs listed in the table below are worth trying, as these are the most commonly used by MFS users.

Best Microsoft Flight Simulator MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded Microsoft Flight Simulator:

MOD Name Description Type Size Download
MSFS Legacy Importer Import aircraft from FSX to MSFS Tool 2.1 MB Download
Daher TBM 930 Livery Pack Add liveries, skins, color changes, and more to the Daher TBM 930 Livery Pack 95.6 MB Download
AI Traffic Liveries Adds AI traffic liveries, new textures, new elements Libreas 23.9 MB Download
Matterhorn Mountain – Switzerland – Italy New improved Matterhorn scenery Scenario 159.2 MB Download
Gatwick Airport EGKK Ultra-Full Edit Fully edited area with new areas for Gatwick Airport Airport 1.4 GB Download
Iceland Overhaul Add marine life to areas where they would be found in real life Scenario 229.6 MB Download
More Interesting Weather Presets Add new weather elements such as snow, fog, etc Weather Elements 9KB Download
A320Neo Sound Mod New improved and detailed sounds Sound 90.7 MB Download
Istanbul Project v4.6 220 New Model New 3D models for Istanbul landscape Scenario 844.1 MB Download
Working Visible Copilots Visible copilots, new elements such as windshield, cockpit buttons, etc Graphics 4.4 MB Download
Visible copilot Adds visible copilots with realistic features Graphics 649 KB Download
Paris add or rebuild Missing building Add new buildings to the Paris structure Scenario 91.8 MB Download
Merril C. Meigs Field (KCGX) Add new airfield Airport 112 KB Download
U.L.T. – Uniform Livery Thumbnails for Livery Megapack Overwrite thumbnails of all liveries in Clink123 megapack Livery liveries 57.8 MB Download
Chicago Enhanced Chicago Area Scenario Enhanced Scenario 47.3 MB Download
Grand Canyon National Park Airport KGCN New elements for Grand Canyon Airport Airport 195.8 MB Download
F-14 New jet model for the game Vehicles 36.1 MB Download
Legacy – Air Creation 582SL New model aircraft for the game Vehicles 34.6 MB Download
Shell Fuel Trucks Add Shell fuel station skin to the trucks Scenario 15.3 MB Download
Greater Toronto Area Enhancement Pack New key area selection, terrain enhancement Scenario 607.3 MB Download
Simple Realistic for Microsoft Simulator (Lite Edition) Improved gameplay and visuals through new shading Graphics 1.5 MB Download