Best GTA 5 MODS (Grand Theft Auto 5) – Download

GTA V is a famous action-adventure video game that includes an incredible open world which offers numerous possibilities for exploration. In this game we will have the possibility of following the story mode or the possibility of playing online with friends, and in either case we will have to overcome missions, get new weapons and vehicles.

gta 5 mods

This is a game quite given to the creation of modifications, because having an open world that offers ample possibilities, these can be expanded even more. Some of the MODS most used in GTA 5 include changes in progress, which will allow us to start the game with a high percentage of the story mode passed, thus getting more money and better weapons.

Below we find a selection of some ofthe best MODS for GTA V, including new game modes, new skins with different clothing styles for the characters, new weapons, and improved graphics and shading.

Best GTA V MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded MODs for GTA 5:.

MOD Name Description Type Size Download
GTA 5 Zombie Spawner Add Zombies to the game Zombies 1 KB Download
GTA 5 Beautification Project ENB Embellish game elements and graphic design Embellisher 53 KB Download
GTA 5 100 percent save Start the game with all achievements completed Progress 2.2 MB Download
MEGA RESHADE PACK for GTA 5 and NVE Adds new visual elements to the races Visual Elements 32.4 MB Download
GTA 5 Enhanced SweetFX Graphic Mod New graphics that enhance facial expressions and other elements Graphics 997 KB Download
GTA 5 Completed Storyline Save Start the game with the storyline 70% complete, we will have more money and weapons Completed Storyline Save 3.8 MB Download
GTA V Simple Realistic 3D Adjusting shaders and visual features Shaders 21.9 MB Download
99.9 save file GTA V Get the game achievement without having to go through it step by step Progress 1.9 MB Download
Carbine Rifle – GTA 5 AR-15 Rifle recreation and balancing Rifle 2.6 MB Download
Simple Realistic 4.7 for GTA 5 Custom shader package with more details Shaders 1.7 MB Download
GPS Marker – GTA 5 Style New GPS marker arrow design Design 1 KB Download
Gtabs Improved Ammo Crafting _Plus 45 Auto_ Receipt for 45 car shells Recipe 3 KB Download
Mafia 2 MOD New Menu Movie – GTA5 Kifflom Run Menu replacement for GTA5 Kifflom Run movie New menu 36.8 MB Download
Character Menu You can become any NPC and change their appearance Utilities 276 KB Download
Modded Cars DLCPack Adds 16 new cars to the game Cars 160.2 MB Download
Pinnacle Reality ENB New image quality and visual effects Graphics 25 KB Download
GU MOD Cheats and modifications such as teleportation, magnet mode, and more Cheats 139 KB Download
Field of View changer Change your camera to first person when walking Visual perspective 14.4 MB Download
PRSA – PhotoRealistic San Andreas Visual enhancements such as weather and lighting changes Visual enhancements 83.9 MB Download
Better Deformation and more durable cars Add new features to vehicles Vehicle modification 31 KB Download