Friday Night Funkin’ VS Yoma FULL WEEK (FNF MOD) – Descargar

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Yoma is a new MOD for FNF that introduces a new week to the game VS Yoma, a new opponent with a rather imposing appearance that will not make things easy for us during this new week. Downloading this MOD will allow you to access exclusive content for FNF, which cannot be accessed without downloading this MOD.


One of the aspects to highlight in this MOD is undoubtedly its protagonist, Yoma, which has been designed in detail to offer us a quite interesting opponent. It is undoubtedly the highlight of the artistic part, which also includes a new background and some other surprises, such as a final version of Yoma much more imposing still.

The MOD is not yet fully complete since the 3 new songs included in its week only have one level of difficulty, since all the levels are identical. Anyway, the charts of this MOD are very well designed and offer a complicated but fun gameplay, which you will find difficult to overcome in the first attempts.

Download VS Yoma for Friday Night Funkin’

You can download this MOD from the following Google Drive mirror, which will save you long waits when downloading.

Link – Download

How to install VS Yoma MOD in FNF

This MOD does not require installation, as it has everything you need to be able to play it independently. You only have to open the executable file that contains the MOD file folder.

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