VS Sonic.Exe Minus FNF MOD – Play Online & Download

VS Sonic.Exe Minus MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ is a MOD that brings us a Minus version of one of the most successful MODs of Friday Night Funkin’: Sonic.Exe. This time we have two versions made by two modders, the first is the well-known modder Endah’s and the second (and more current) has been made by Hottler. These two MODs are very well worked with a wide variety of content and not only bring us a Minus version of the characters, but goes far beyond, offering numerous details and elements that are really worthwhile. As if that were not enough, the Hottler version also includes a playable online version, which you can enjoy below:

Update VS Minus Sonic.EXE 2.0 Full Week

With the arrival of this update we are presented with a large number of new features that have made this MOD one of the best that have been released in recent days. To begin with we must emphasize that all the songs of Round 1 and Round 2 have been redesigned, so we will have a lot of playable hours unpublished to date. In addition graphically we also have some new features such as the redesign that have been made to all Skins and Backgrounds.

VS Minus Sonic.EXE Hottler Version

As for the Endah version, it is worth mentioning that in the music section we will have a new playable week in which we will have 4 songs: Too Slow, Endless, Execution and Milk, where we will fight some high-level musical duels against the different versions of Minus Sonic. The difficulty of the songs is quite high, since it has a high rhythm, a great speed in the charts and some additional mechanics such as the movement in the Keys that tries to throw us off.

Visually we have to highlight a couple of aspects. The first are the Sonic Skins, normally the Minus versions stand out for their simplicity, here on the contrary, our rival Minus Sonic will have a different Skin for each of the songs, all of them are very good, but personally my favorite is the one in the third song. With the backgrounds it’s the same, we will have a different background for each of the playable songs.

As you can see this is a MOD with a lot of content, and we are not even talking about the animated Cutscenes between songs. So despite being a Minus version, I recommend everyone to play it because it seems to me even better than the original version.

For its part, the Hottler version also offers songs with a high difficulty and arrows at full speed. If there is a section in which this version stands out is in its graphic section, which we will talk about next.

In addition to offering the Minus skin for BF, it has impressive designs of all versions of Sonic, and even includes a super Saiyan golden Sonic skin that looks spectacular. It also offers arrows with custom designs, backgrounds full of details that are so cool they are mesmerizing and custom home screen.

Download VS Sonic.Exe Minus FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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