FNF VS Monokuma Danganropa – Download MOD

FNF Monokuma Danganropa is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that gives us the opportunity to bring us a very special musical battle inspired by the popular anime series Dangaropa, in which our BF will have to fight for victory against Monokuma, in which we can see how he has been locked up with GF in Hope’s Peak Academy and will have to battle as only they know to get out of this confrontation.

Vs Monokuma Danganropa

Regarding the musical section of the MOD we will have a single song called “Despair”, with a dizzying pace in which we will have to bring out our best version if we want to win, as it is a song with a lot of musicality and with a high level of difficulty, even for the most experts.  It has details inspired by the anime series and even spoil certain content, are you going to miss it?

Graphically despite being in its DEMO version, brings excellent content, undoubtedly the strong point of this MOD as it is careful with the details both in the background and in the Skins of the characters, thus giving an atmosphere and a special MOD cinematic.

Download FNF Monokuma Danganropa for Friday Night Funkin

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