FNF VS HEX Original – Play Online & Download

Play Online & Download Friday Night Funkin VS Hex – MOD that adds a complete new week to the game, with a new opponent (Hex) and 5 new songs to have fun with. Downloading and installing this MOD is totally recommended, as it is one of the most complete and popular of the moment, and the new update reaffirms it.

VS HEX FNF MOD has been updated just a few hours with a new version that includes, at last, the entire full week. In addition, this MOD includes all the improvements of Kade Engine, a MOD that incorporates different modifications to the FNF game system, to improve it and grant us more customization options.

We are sure that this new update of Friday Night Funkin VS HEX is going to be a bomb among FNF fans, due to its high quality (and because there were already many people waiting for the FULL WEEK).

Download Friday Night Funkin VS Hex FNF MOD

We have re-uploaded the latest update file to MEGA to make it easier for you to download it.

Link – Download