Friday Night Funkin’ VS Goku FNF MOD – Download

VS Goku MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ is a MOD that brings us one of the most historical characters of the manga genre: Goku. We must remember first of all that VS Goku is still in demo phase, so we will not have even a lot of content available, however if we can go to evaluate the quality of this MOD, at least the official content of the Demo.

VS Goku

As for the songs, we must say that for now, we only have one week available to play in Friday Night Funkin’, and we will have only one unreleased song, this is because we are facing a Demo version, yes, we can already see that the songs are very well done in terms of the charts, which fit perfectly with the music, and the animations of the different characters.

Visually, it is in my opinion where VS Goku stands out the most. First, we must recognize that Goku’s Skin is spectacular, very faithful to the design of the official anime series, also has details in the animations such as the vital wave that are very well elaborated. The Background that we will see in the stage that we have available for now, is one of the most emblematic scenarios of Dragon Ball Z, the home of the master MutenRoy.

Download VS Goku FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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