FNF VS Gingerbrave – Play Online & Download MOD

FNF VS Gingerbrave is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a new character: Gingerbrave. This is a MOD full of color that offers a really cute design.  This is a MOD that stands out both for its beautiful design and for the musical quality of their songs.


Regarding the music section of the MOD, we are presented with two new playable weeks for Friday Night Funkin’ in which we will have a total of 6 new songs plus a tutorial week. In these two weeks we find songs with different rhythms that mostly offer a high level of difficulty. In some songs we will face Gingerbrave, the main character, while in others we will face his cookie buddies. It is a MOD that stands out especially for its graphic section.

Regarding the graphic and visual aspect of the MOD, we have a series of aspects to highlight. It has several customized backgrounds with different spectators and characters in each song. In addition, it offers very nice designs of the characters, with well-worked details. We are facing a MOD that stands out for its charismatic protagonist and for the aesthetics of its characters.

Download FNF VS Gingerbrave MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

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