VS Fukushu (DEMO) FNF MOD – Download

VS Fukushu MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ is a MOD that brings a new character to FNF: Fukushu, the opponent of this new week. It is a character and in general, a rather curious MOD, since the visual appearance and music have a rather retro touch, which is surprising compared to other well-known MODs of Friday Night Funkin’.

VS Fukushu

Regarding the music section, VS Fukushu is a MOD that only brings a new song in this week unpublished so far. The song that we propose has a medium difficulty level, however, what stands out the most is the melody of the song that seems to be inspired by the retro songs of the 50’s.

Visually, VS Fukushu is also inspired by this era, since the MOD has a sepia tone and the colors are black and white. Overall, this music along with the graphic aspect of the MOD combines very well and gives it an original and different touch compared to most Friday Night Funkin’ MODs.

Download VS Fukushu FNF FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Drive – Download

Mega – Download