FNF Tails Gets Trolled v2 – Play Online & Download MOD

FNF Tail Gets Trolled v2 is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us the second version of this MOD for FNF, in case you do not remember it is the second version of a MOD focused on the lore of Sonic, the famous Sega character, however it does not have a realistic appearance but rather the opposite, the MOD tries to imitate a cartoon style, in which all the characters have a somewhat Creepy appearance.

Tail Gets Trolled v2

Regarding the music section, the first version already had an acceptable content, but in this V2 of Tail Get Trolled we will have everything much better structured, and is that, this MOD has its content divided into chapters, not weeks, and each of the chapters consists of a different rival. For now we will have chapter 1 and 2 available where we will face Tails and Sonic respectively, plus an additional Bonus track.

Visually we will have a high quality content, since we will have some new features such as all the customization of the menus and home screen, we will also have custom backgrounds for the different stages where we will fight these musical duels, and we will also have available a new character like Sonic, which in the first version we could not yet face. As if all this were not enough, we will have animated Cutscenes with dialogues.

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