FNF Sonic.ERR FULL WEEK – Download MOD

FNF Sonic.ERR is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that brings us a story we like. A horror-themed musical showdown based on Tails’ creepy pastries.

In Sonic.EXE. style, the MOD introduces new game mechanics with vowels and arrows that do not have to be pressed as well as adding new keys to further complicate this challenge. Regarding the story we will have an emaciated Tails who is suffering, as the story progresses the character will change phase, each time will be more horrifying… As for the graphical and visual aspect of FNF Sonic.ERR will have a dynamic environment where the backaground that will evolve as we progress in the challenge, lighting effects that will accompany our characters.

Download FNF VS Sonic.ERR MOD for Friday Night Funkin

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