Friday Night Shootin’ FNF MOD (Pico’s School) – Download (Nene’s Week)

Friday Night Shootin’ FNF MOD is a new modified version of Friday Night Funkin’ that aims to revamp every week of the game with new characters from Picos’s School. Downloading FNF Shootin’ will give you access for now to a preview of what will be the full MOD in the future.

Friday Night Shootin ' FNF MOD

Friday Night Shootin’ not only aims to include new weeks within the game, it also replaces BF with a version of Pico, who will be the protagonist in every week of the MOD. FNF Shootin’ includes for now a new week within the game, in which we will face VS Nene.

The week that is currently available has 3 new songs VS Nene, in addition to including a background that changes as we advance towards the final song. It is certainly a MOD that promises much and that will become one of the best MODs of the game when they have published all the content of all weeks.
Update V2 – The MOD now has a new week 2 VS Piconjo, with new songs and new content of the same quality as the first week of the MOD. With this update, this MOD consolidates its place in the tier A of FNF MODs.

Download Friday Night Shootin’ for FNF

You can download the MOD without long waiting times from the following mirror we have created with the original MOD files.

Link – Download

How to install Friday Night Shootin’ on FNF

This MOD does not require any kind of installation. Just unzip the file you downloaded and open the .exe file, which will allow you to play FNF with the new Friday Night Shootin’ content.

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