Playable Sans FNF MOD (Full Week) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’)

Playable Sans is a new MOD for FNF (Friday Night Funkin’) that allows us to play with Sans as a character, which comes to replace the original BF skin. Downloading this MOD does not include new songs, but it does include a small Plus that makes it more than just a Skin.

Playable Sans FNF MOD

With this new FNF Skin also comes included new vowels, which mimic the voice of Sans inside FNF. With this MOD you will be able to remember all the weeks of the game from a different point of view than we are used to.

Download Playable Sans MOD for FNF (Friday Night Funkin’)

You can download the files of this MOD from the following mirror, which will allow you to perform the download without long waits.
Link – Download

How to install Playable Sans FNF MOD

This MOD already has the necessary files to be able to play without installing it. You will only have to unzip the file and open the executable file that contains the Playable Sans MOD file folder.

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