Friday Night Kazoo FNF MOD – Download & install

Friday Night Kazoo is a MOD of Friday Night Funkin (FNF) that replaces the vocals of the characters of week 1 and 4, since instead of a microphone the opponents have a Kazoo. Downloading and installing this MOD will give you access to this feature only, as it is relatively new and still under development.

friday night kazoo

In our opinion, Friday Night Kazoo is one of the funniest and funniest MOD MEME’s you can find, as listening to the audio of the Kazoo over the song is sublime. In addition, the developer has commented that it will soon feature a week of its own and many more new features, we will wait patiently for them to arrive.

Download Friday Night Kazoo for FNF

This MOD can be downloaded from the following mirror, which we have created to facilitate quick download.

Link – Download

How to install Friday Night Kazoo

This is one of those MODs that already incorporates an executable among its files, so you will only need to unzip the file you downloaded and open the executable it contains.