Fever Town FNF MOD (Full Week) – Download (Friday Night Funkin’) (V1)

Fever Town is a new MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ in which we will face a multitude of enemies with different Skins. This FNF MOD includes 20 new songs agglutinated in six full weeks.

Fever Town

FNF FT is a gigantic MOD that offers 6 full weeks in which we can enjoy new characters, new Backgrounds and twenty challenges of different difficulties. It includes a new Skin for Boyfriend and Girlfriend as well as numerous cinematics between the different challenges that tell a story. The graphic section also stands out for presenting different styles. The last challenge features a retro aesthetic reminiscent of early video games.

The outstanding playability in this FNF MOD is noticeable in the varied combinations of notes that offer challenges of different difficulties designed for all types of players. The masterful music section is characterized by its musical variety and high quality. It is a masterful FNF MOD recommended for all players.

Download Fever Town FNF MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Link –Download