FNF Deathmatch Project – Takeover [FULL WEEK] – Download MOD

FNF Deathmatch Project – Takeover is a MOD for Friday Night Funkin’ that presents us the so fashionable Corruption theme in a new FNF MOD. This time we will face Daddy Dearest, in a single song, in which it is true that we will have a high level of difficulty, which will make us have to give the best of ourselves to emerge victorious from this musical duel.


There are a number of very curious details in this MOD, and is that we will have several playable characters, we will not play only with BF. In addition these characters will change from one to another in the song without notice, we will not reveal who they are to avoid spoiling the surprise, but be sure that they are well known in the community of Friday Night Funkin’.

For now it is not a spectacular MOD, since we only have a single song available, but in the future if we have new updates with more content can be a MOD to consider.

Download FNF Deathmatch Project – Takeover MOD for Friday Night Funkin’

Drive – Download

Mega – Download