Best Foundation MODs for PC – Download & Install

Foundation is a grid-free medieval city building simulation game with a strong focus on organic development, monument building and resource management. The game features deep resource management similar to the Anno series, mixed with city building elements and topped off with narrative encounters inspired by Crusader Kings II.

MODs Foundation

Through the Foundation MODs we will be able to add and tweak content in the game. The possibility of being able to add a wider range to the set of buildings and constructions that we have available within the game, in addition to having at your disposal a greater amount of resources make that if we are already facing a good game, with all this volume of additional content we happen to be facing one of the best construction games we have ever seen.

The Best Foundation MODs (Most Downloaded)

Below you have the MODs most downloaded Foundation:

MOD Name Description Type Size Download

Common Resources V1

Add the necessary resources compatible with other MODs Products 2.5 MB Download MOD
Water Mill Set Add a new building to the game Buildings 326 KB Download MOD
Fantasy Decorations Multitude of medieval decorations for many elements of the game Decoration 23 MB Download MOD
Stone Gate Set V7 Adds a new building to the game Buildings 8 MB Download MOD
Efficient Resources Storage Increases capacity from 100 per socket to 200 per socket Products 1.5 MB Download MOD
Names Foundation Add more than 1000 names available for men and women Corrections 10 KB Download MOD
Medieval Stone Walls Adds a new building to the game Buildings 14.2 MB Download MOD
Windows Decorations V2 Adds a wide variety of window styles available Decorations 6 MB Download MOD
Orchard Adds a new building to the game Buildings 2 MB Download MOD
Medieval Faire Adds a new building to the game Buildings 9 MB Download MOD
Castle Set Add a new building to the game Buildings 567 KB Download MOD
Furniture Add a new building to the game Buildings 408 KB Download MOD
House Addition V4 Adds 7 different variants of the basic house Decoration 752 KB Download MOD

How to download and install Foundation MODs

To download and install the Foundation MODs we will need to perform the following steps:

  1. We will have to download the files from the previous links
  2. Once downloaded we will have to access the root folder of the game.
  3. In that folder we will find a folder with the name of MODs. For example: “C:\Usersers’ Resource Name: Documents for Polymorph Games”
  4. Locate the downloaded MODs in that folder.
  5. You can now enjoy the Foundation MODs.