Desert Island Custom Map (Among Us) – Download

MOD’s Name Desert Island
Game Among Us
Description New areas and tasks
Tier A
Type Map
Size 15 MB
Download Download MOD

Desert Island is a newcustom map for the Among Us videogame that offers new features that will allow us to enjoy a different Among Us game, in which both the scenario and some of the tasks change.

Desert Island is an unofficial Among Us map created by JamTornado in which the game takes place in the middle of a desert island. This map includes different areas in which the map developer used textures from the Wii Mario Kart video game, which gives a distinctive touch to the design. It also includes decorative elements reminiscent of a desert island such as palm trees, banana trees, boat parts, bridges, and even a giraffe.

Among us desert island map

New features of the Among Us Desert Island custom map

The Desert Island map of Among Us includes some new features in terms of gameplay and design. We will have different islands comprising several areas of the map. These have modified ventilation ducts (they look like grass) that can be used, as in the original Among Us, to travel from one place to another. This time we will travel between islands.

The scanner will have a much more tropical design than in the original Among Us map, we will have a task in which we scan a turtle, and we will also find new designs for the existing tasks. We will also have new visual effects when one of the crew members presses the alert button.

It is a map that is still in beta version that in the future may come to include new tasks, new areas, and more decorative elements.

Tasks Desert Island custom map among us

How to download the Desert Island custom map for Among Us

To download Desert Island (Among Us) map you only have to access the link that is in the datasheet, clicking on the download button.  Remember that this is the beta version and the full version of the MOD will be released soon.

Below you can see the video presentation of Desert Island, in which its creator tells us by way of summary what will be the new features included in the map: